This is such an important yet underrated scene.

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One flesh, one heart, one soul. His mouth twisted. She wasted no time proving how much those vows meant to her, did she? Well, what did you expect, dwarf?

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When my parents ask how I’m doing while studying for finals



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I don’t know how to respond when people ask me what I do outside of law school

Like, there’s an outside??

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"i’m not interested in being easy on the eyes
i want them to flinch, think twice before they reach out their callous hands to bruise.
i want to be a constant reminder to men that not everything is theirs for the taking."

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Anonymous asked: Law school totally counts dude, I wouldn't ever leave my dorms if it wasn't for law school. All the emotions I'd imagine people having in a relationship with a person are found in my relationship with law school. Law school after college is a far better idea than marriage and kids after college because law school will never leave you or cheat on you, no matter how much you hate each other.


This is literally the best anon I think I’ll ever get. Thanks so much for this.

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Me in my last night class/ last class of the semester.


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For those of you in law school who are getting ready for finals. Remember…


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